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Play as Kraken
Power Stone Collection

  • PSP
  • Unlock

Beat the game once with every character exept Valgas to unlock Kraken in arcade mode and versus mode.

Play as Final Valgas
Power Stone Collection

  • PSP
  • Unlock

To play as Final Valgas, unlock Valgas himself first and complete the game on any difficulty without using a continue. After unlocking Valgas for the first time, you can even play as him and do not use a continue where you will see yourself automatically unlock Final Valgas!

Extra VMU Games
Power Stone Collection

  • PSP
  • Unlock

You will open up a new game that can be downloaded onto your VMU whenever you complete the game, the 5th, 6th and 7th time. The games are: 

  • Fokker's Plane Chase 
  • Ayame's Ninja Stars 
  • and Gunrock's Slots 

You need a completely empty VMU to download the games.

Hide Menu While Paused
Power Stone Collection

  • PSP
  • Unlock

After pausing the game press X+Y together to get rid of the menu.

Unlockable Characters
Power Stone Collection

  • PSP
  • Unlock
Accel Beat the game with Gourmond
Gourmond Beat the Game with Julia
Julia Beat the Game with Pete
Pete Beat the game once with any character.

Unlock the two '???' mini games
Power Stone Collection

  • PSP
  • Unlock
Ayame's Shuriken mini game obtain at least 500 medals
Gunrock's Slot mini game obtain at least 1000 medals

Unlock Bosses - Power Stone One
Power Stone Collection

  • PSP
  • Unlock
Final Form Valgas Complete the game with Valgas
Kraken Complete the game with all characters (Except PS2 Characters)
Valgas Complete the game with Kraken

Characters (for Power Stone 2)
Power Stone Collection

  • PSP
  • Unlock
Kraken Beat the game as Falcon in 1 vs. 3 mode
Mel Beat the game as Pride in 1 vs. 3 mode
Pride Beat the game as Falcon in 1 vs. 3 mode without continuing
Valgas Beat the game as Kraken in 1 vs. 3 mode

Bonus PSP Items
Power Stone Collection

  • PSP
  • Unlock
Amenomurakuno Beat the game with Ryoma
Crystal Ball Beat the game with Rouge
Decoy Bomb Beat the game with Ayame
Giant Boots Beat the game with Gunrock
Maches Chainsaw Beat the game with Jack
Soccer Ball Beat the game with Falcon
Stone Sweeper Beat the game with Julia
Thunderbolt Rider Beat the game with Accel
Totem Hammer Beat the game with Galuda
Turbo Helmet Beat the game with Pete
Twin Potion Beat the game with Wang-Tang
Wok Gun Beat the game with Gourmand

Unlockable Titles
Phantasy Star Portable 2

  • PSP
  • Unlock
Ace Reach Level 60
Agent Begin Chapter 2
Angry Warrior Reach Hunter Level 10
Artful Dodger Dodge 250 times
Artiste Obtain 10 costumes
Beacon of Hope Complete 25 Open Missions
Beginner Reach Level 3
Berserker Deal over 1,000 damage in 1 hit
Bil de Golus Slayer Defeated 5 Bil de Goluses
Block King Perform 250 Perfect Blocks
Breaker of Boundaries Become friends with a MySynth
Cantabile Add 5 songs to the Jukebox
Captain Reach Level 120
Chameleon Be capable of equipping 15 A-Rank weapons
Champion Begin Final Chapter
Chelsea's Wallet Become friends with Chelsea
Chief Reach Level 40
Child Prodigy Obtain Clarita Visas II
Civic Savior Complete 10 client requests
Confidant Begin Chapter 8
Containerbane Destroy 1,000 containers
Crusher Deal over 300 damage in 1 hit
Customizing Maniac Upgrade weapons 100 times
Dagger Collector Collect 50% of Daggers
De Ragan Slayer Defeat 5 De Ragans
Defense Expert Defend (Guard/Block) 50 times
Demolisher Deal over 2,500 damage in 1 hit
Demonic Sniper Reach Ranger Level 20
Destroyer of Worlds Reach Hunter Level 30
Diva Add 25 songs to the Jukebox
Elite Reach Level 50
Emerging Talent Be capable of equipping 25 C-Rank weapons
Emila's BFF Become friends with Emilia
Engineer Remodel room once
Envoy of the Light Reach Force Level 20
Ethan's Heir Apparent Become friends with Ethan
Evasion Expert Dodge 50 times
Fashionista Obtain 100 costumes
Fist of the Heavens Reach Vanguard Level 30
Guardian of the Light Reach Force Level 30
Handgun Collector Collect 50% of Handguns
Hero Reach Level 140
Hero of the Day Complete Good Ending
Hero of the People Complete Best Ending
Hopeful Reach Level 20
Hotshot Begin Chapter 4
Interior Decorator Place room decorations 10 times
Interior Designer Place room decorations 100 times
Iron Fist Defeat a Darbelan
Jack-of-All-Trades Be capable of equipping 20 B-Rank weapons
Karen's Consultant Become friends with Karen
King Reach Level 90
King of Chic Change outfits 100 times
Knuckles Collector Collect 50% of Knuckles
Kraz's Right Hand Become friends with Kraz
Leader Reach Level 30
Legend Reach Level 200
Liina's Babysitter Become friends with Liina
Lionheart Reach Vanguard Level 10
Little Wing Savior Complete 25 client requests
Longbow Collector Collect 50% of Longbows
Lord of Brilliance Obtain 60% Light weapon & armor
Lord of Flame Obtain 60% Fire weapon & armor
Lord of Frost Obtain 60% Ice weapon & armor
Lord of Storms Obtain 60% Lightning weapon & armor
Lord of the Abyss Obtain 60% Dark weapon & armor
Lord of Tremors Obtain 60% Earth weapon & armor
Lou's Coprocessor Become friends with Lou
Lumia's New Partner Become friends with Lumia
Luminary Reach Level 160
Machinegun Collector Collect 50% of Machineguns
Maestro Begin Chapter 9
Magashi's New Rival Recognized as a rival by Magashi (similar to befriending him)
Master Reach Level 100
Master of Arms Be capable of equipping 10 S-Rank weapons
Mastermind Remodel room 10 times
Maya's Tastetester Become friends with Maya
Mercenary Begin Chapter 3
Millionnaire Hold 10,000,000 Meseta
Mother Brain Slayer Defeat 5 Mother Brains
Nuclear Warhead Reach Ranger Level 30
Observer of History Play over 10 hours on 1 char
One of Many Play with a friend in Multiplayer
Opportunist Complete 5 Open Missions
Overlord Reach Level 180
Pizza Paisan Find a Pizza Shack
Prince Reach Level 80
Queen of Chic Change outfits 10 times
R-Mag Collector Collect 50% of R-Mags
Reflex Expert Perform 50 Perfect Blocks
Rewriter of History Play over 25 hours on 1 char
Rifle Collector Collect 50% of Rifles
Rod Collector Collect 50% of Rods
Rookie Reach Level 10
Sayo's Fan Receive 5 blessings
Sayo's Friend Receive 30 blessings
Scavenger Begin Chapter 5
Scout Begin Chapter 6
Seeker Begin Chapter 7
Seer of Subspace Play over 50 hours on 1 char
Shining Cleric Reach Force Level 10
Shizuru's Refuge Become friends with Shizuru
Shopaholic Spend 10,000,000 Meseta
Shotgun Collector Collect 50% of Shotguns
Silent Assassin Reach Ranger Level 10
Spear Collector Collect 50% of Spears
Steel Wall Defend (Guard/Block) 250 times
Super Ace Defeat 2,500 creatures
Super Hero Defeat 5,000 creatures
Super Rookie Defeat 500 creatures
Sweet Tooth Find Naura's Confectionary
Synthesizer Customize a MySynth
Tech-Mag Collector Collect 50% of Tech-Mags
The Chosen Get 100 Titles
Thread of Camaraderie Complete 10 Multiplayer Open Missions
Tonnio's Wingman Become friends with Tonnio
Trendsetter Obtain 50 costumes
Twin Daggers Collector Collect 50% of Twin Daggers
Twin Handguns Collector Collect 50% of Twin Handguns
Ursula's Sidearm Become friends with Ursula
Veteran Reach Level 70
Veteran Guardian Import Character Data
VIP Material Complete 50 Open Missions
Virtuoso Begin Chapter 10
Vivienne's Beloved Become friends with Vivienne
Walker of Worlds Play over 100 hours on 1 char
Wand Collector Collect 50% of Wands
Warrior's Gale Reach Vanguard Level 20
Weaver of History Get 30 Titles
Whirling Dervish Reach Hunter Level 20
Yut's Mentor Become friends with Yut