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Unlockable Phantasy Star Online Clothes/Parts
Phantasy Star Portable 2

  • PSP
  • Unlock
Amorosso Top(Female) Complete the game on Hard Mode
Cast Voloyal Set Complete the game on Hard Mode
Ceremonial Wear(Female) Complete the game on Hard Mode
FOmar Set Complete the game on Hard Mode
FOnewearl Set Complete the game on Hard Mode
Fonewm Top/Bottom Complete the game on Hard Mode
Formal Set (FOmarl) Complete the game on Hard Mode
HUcas Torso/Arms/Legs Complete the game on Hard Mode
HUcaseal Torso/Arms/Legs Complete the game on Hard Mode
HUmar Top/Bottom Complete the game on Hard Mode
HUnewearl Set Complete the game on Hard Mode
Neo-Magashi Replica Complete the game on Hard Mode
RAcas Torso/Arms/Legs Complete the game on Hard Mode
RAcaseal Torso/Arms/Legs Complete the game on Hard Mode
RAmar Complete the game on Hard Mode
Ramarl Top Complete the game on Hard Mode
Shizuru Replica (Male only) Complete the game on Normal Mode
Vivienne Replica Complete the game on Hard Mode
Voloyal Set(Female) Complete the game on Hard Mode

Shizuru Partner Card
Phantasy Star Portable 2

  • PSP
  • Unlock
Shizuru Shu Get True Ending

Movie Threater
Phantasy Star Portable 2

  • PSP
  • Unlock
Movie Threater Complete The Game

Vision Phone Codes (US)
Phantasy Star Portable 2

  • PSP
  • Game Code
Akahara Reisou (male clothes black x black) 24932278
Akahara Reisou (male clothes blue x black) 24932271
Akahara Reisou (male clothes green x black) 24932273
Akahara Reisou (male clothes purple x black) 24932274
Akahara Reisou (male clothes white x black) 24932279
Akahara Reisou (male clothes white x white) 24932270
Akahara Reisou (male clothes yellow x black) 24932272
Akahara Reisou (male parts) 24932280
Alis Landale Poster 41325468
Angry Marshmellow 32549410
Art Javelin 72401990
Blank Epoch (Male Clothes 48168861
Blank Epoch (Male Parts) 48168862
Bullet Lancer (lance) 32091120
Clarita Visas (rod) 29888026
Crutches 98443460
Edelweiss Figurine (Decoration) 54333358
Excalibur weapon 76416348
Hanhei Tsunagin (Male Clothes) 41761771
Hanhei Tsunagin (Male Parts) 41761772
Hatsune Miku's Leek Wand 12344321
Kansho Bayuka (up to 50%) 46815464
Knight-King Armor (Female clothes black x white) 84639199
Knight-King Armor (Female clothes blue x white) 84639190
Knight-King Armor (Female clothes gold x white) 84639197
Knight-King Armor (Female clothes green x white) 84639192
Knight-King Armor (Female clothes light blue x white) 84639196
Knight-King Armor (Female clothes pink x white) 84639195
Knight-King Armor (Female clothes purple x white) 84639194
Knight-King Armor (Female clothes red x white) 84639191
Knight-King Armor (Female clothes white x white) 84639198
Knight-King Armor (Female clothes yellow x white) 84639193
Knight-King Armor (Female parts) 84639200
Longinus Lance (up to 50%) 32143166
Lovely Feathers (Female Clothes) 72401991
Lovely Feathers (Female Parts) 72401992
Magical Princess (Female Clothes) 55687361
Magical Princess (Female Parts) 55687362
Maverick Rifle (Fanta Collab) 53962481
Miku Hatsune Dress (female clothes grey/green) 39395341
Miku Hatsune Dress (female parts) 39395342
Miku's Leek Rifle 39395345
Miku's Leek Saber 39395343
Miku's T. Leek Sabers 39395344
Mr. Ekoeko Stick 55687360
New Tea-Dog Plush 51355133
Ogi's Head 74612418
Pizza Shack D Box 89747981
Platinum Tiger (Female Clothes) 32549412
Platinum Tiger (Female Parts) 32549414
Platinum Tiger (Male Clothes) 32549411
Platinum Tiger (Male Parts) 32549413
Plug Suit Asuka (female clothes red/black) 34336181
Plug Suit Asuka (female parts) 34336182
Plug Suit Rei (female clothes white/black) 46211351
Plug Suit Rei (female parts) 46211352
Plug Suit Shinji (male clothes) 15644321
Plug Suit Shinji (male parts) 15644322
PS Magazine R-Mag 21887733
Puyo Pop Fever Gun (mech gun) 54186516
Puyo Pop Fists 11293398
Scouring Bubble (Fanta Collab) 33286491
Sonic Knuckles 34819852
Special Pizza Cutter 34162313
Tea Dog Plush 51355134
Tea-Dog Plush 51355132
Telltale Hearts 48168860
The Rappy of Hope 54684698
Toop Nasur (Yut’s Spear) 30495153
Toxic Cannon 33974688
Trauma Bandages (Female Clothes) 98443462
Trauma Bandages (Female Parts) 98443464
Trauma Bandages (Male Clothes) 98443461
Trauma Bandages (Male Parts) 98443463
True Hash 41761770
Unlock game pro kunuckles 88619433
Unlock Nei's Partnership 64991154
Unlock Ochakendoog 51355131
Unlock Panda table 51355134
Unlock Play Blu Edge 43326648

Patapon 3

  • PSP
  • Unlock
Hoshipon Shop Achieve a team goal.
Meden Mart Complete the Cave of Valor.

Ending Unlockables
Patapon 3

  • PSP
  • Unlock
Dark uber heroes playable in VS mode 1st choice
Extra labyrinth - Multi mode 2nd choice
Unfreeze priestess.. 3rd choice

Cheat Codes
NFL STREET 2: Unleashed

  • PSP
  • Game Code
10 yard first downs FirstFirst
10x Gamebreaker XxGBCraZ
1x Gamebreaker llxGBCraZ
AFC North All Stars NAOFRCTH
AFC South All Stars SAOFUCTH
AFC West All Stars WAEFSCT
All chains mode Trick3dOut
Ants mode RuinedPicnic
Bad jumping and O-Moves CementShoes
Big ball BIGPig
EA Field EAField
Fumble Mode(other team fumbles)* GreasedPig
Gargantuan Players* BIGSmash
Gridiron Field (or complete NFL challenge mode) GRIDIRONPRK
Gridiron Field and Legend Team str2mkryz
Max Catch* MagnetHands
Max Speed GottaBDShoes
Max Tackle BlastTackle
NFC North All-Stars NNAS66784
NFC South All Stars SNOFUCTH
No first downs NoChains
No Fumble Mode* GlueHands
No textures BloominGroup
Play as Team Xzibit (or complete tutorials) TeamXzibit
Random size players SighsMatters
Reebok Team Reebok
Tiny players Shrunken
Unlimited Turbo* NozBoost

Quick Play Unlockables - Hot Car (Boss Events)
Need For Speed Undercover

  • PSP
  • Unlock
1. The Stunt (Ford GT) Complete "The Stunt" in Career Mode.
2. Deep Water (Mazda RX-8) Complete "Deep Water" in Career Mode.
3. Drawbridge (Porsche 911 GT2) Complete "Drawbridge" in Career Mode.
4. Decoy (Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG) Complete "Decoy" in Career Mode.
5. Versus (Dodge Viper SRT-10) Complete "Versus" in Career Mode.
6. Redline (Lamborghini Gallardo) Complete "Redline" in Career Mode.
7. Hornet's Nest (Aston Martin DB9) Complete "Hornet's Nest" in Career Mode.
8. Betrayed (Porsche 911 GT2) Complete "Betrayed" in Career Mode.

Wallpapers for PSP
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact

  • PSP
  • Unlock

You can unlock wallpapers that can be saved to your PSP to use as the background in your theme. To unlock a wallpaper, complete 20 missions with one character. This can be done with each character. You can also receive another wallpaper by completing 100% of the Ultimate Road.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact

  • PSP
  • Unlock
Ay (Raikage) Clear "The Raikage Blasts Ahead" in Ultimate Road
Danzo Shimura Beat "A Battle Spoken with the Eyes" in Ultimate Road (Final Chapter)
Diedra Beat "Chasing the "Akatsuki"" in Ultimate Road
Gaara Beat "Akatsuki, The Beginning" in Ultimate Road
Hidan Beat "Shikamaru's Genius" in Ultimate Road
Hinata Hyuuga Clear "Leaf Ninja Total Mobilization" in Ultimate Road Chapter 7.
Itachi Beat "Susano'o" in Ultimate Road
Jiraiya Complete chapter 6 The 8-Tails'' host
Jiraiya (sage mode) Beat the mision "The village hidden in the rain"
Kakuzu Beat "Naruto's New Jutsu" in Ultimate Road
Killer Bee Beat "Sasuke vs. Eight-Tails" in Ultimate Road
Kisame Hoshigaki Clear " Finding Killer Bee" in Ultimate Road
Konan Beat "Village Hidden in the Rain" in Ultimate Road (Chapter 7)
Madara Uchiha Beat "Trembling Emotions" in Ultimate Road (Final Chapter)
Might Guy Beat "Team Kakashi Support Mission" in Ultimate Road
Minato Namikaze Clear "The Aftermath of the Rampage" in Ultimate Road
Naruto (Sage Mode) Clear "New Power" in Ultimate Road
Pain (Tendo) Beat "Path to Peace" in Ultimate Road (Chapter 8)
Rock Lee Beat "Five-Seal Barrier" in Ultimate Road
Sakura Hauno Beat ''A Test of Strength" in Ultimate Road
Sasori Beat "the Puppet Master" in Ultimate Road
Sasuke (Black Costume) Beat "The Shadow of Itachi" in Ultimate Road
Sasuke (Hebi) Beat "Sasuke and Orochimaru" in Ultimate Road
Sasuke (Taka) Beat "Infiltrating the Hiddin Cloud" in Ultimate Road
Shikamaru Beat "Premonition of an Encounter" in Ultimate Road