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Amped 3 for Xbox 360

Amped 3


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The only snowboard game available for Xbox 360, Amped 3 fuses together the culture, style, music and attitude of snowboarding with intuitive, fun gameplay, creating the most authentic snowboarding experience ever seen in gaming. Driven by a colorful and humorous storyline, Amped 3 offers gamers the most enthralling trick-based snowboarding game on seven real-world resorts, including Northstar, California; Avoriaz, France; Snowbird, Utah; Valle Nevado, Chile; Zugspitze, Germany; Laax, Switzerland; and DC Mountain Lab, Utah. The Snowbox(tm) offers hundreds of challenges at these resorts, with tons of upgrades and swag to unlock upon completing missions and challenges. Players can listen to more than 300 new independent music tracks while performing outrageous tricks on their customized jumps and rails, with the help of the Park Builder. Gamers' top-scored runs, hang-times and crashes are automatically posted on the Xbox Live(r) online game service.