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Cheats for Draglade

Unlock Major Titles

  • DS
  • unlock
Earth Major Beat Earth Hero's story
Elec Major Beat Thunder Hero's story
Fire Major Beat Fire Hero's story
Water Major Beat Water Hero's story

Extra Characters

  • DS
  • unlock
Asuka Beat Daichi's story.
Gyamon Beat Guy's story.
Ice Complete Kyle's story
Koki Beat Hibito's story.
Shura Beat Kairu's story.

How To Unlock Zeke

  • DS
  • unlock

1)Beat Story Mode with all the main characters, earning the titles of "Fire Major", "Aqua Major", "Rock Major", and "Elec Major".When you dp, the hidden quest "Shadow of Darkness" will be available at Synethesia.


2)After you complete all the quests, including "Shadow of Darkness", Zeke will become available to use in Wireless battles.