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EVE Online: Tyrannis for PC and MMORPG

EVE Online: Tyrannis


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Tyrannis will usher in new levels of player control as the pilots of EVE have turned their attention to the celestial bodies around them, casting surface inhabitants into the shadows of their powerful ships and exploiting the planets for the materials and profits they need to fuel countless ambitions. EVE Gate, the new web frontend and social networking platform for EVE Online, is a leap forward in extending the universe outside of the client, allowing access to in-game mail and features and bringing the community closer than ever before.

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EVE Online Launches Incursion 1.0.0

EVE Online is about to see some massive changes with the release of the free Incursion expansion. Over 80 new story missions will join new ships and

EVE Online: Tyrannis Image
EVE Online: Tyrannis Expansion Released

CCP today launched EVE Online: Tyrannis, the 13th free expansion for PC Gamer’s 2010 MMO of the year, EVE Online. Tyrannis will usher in new levels

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