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Gunbound for PC


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When you feel the need for one-on-one strategy, visceral blasting and off-the-wall characters, you're truly Gunbound! Join a cast of outlandish heroes and their fully customizable "Mobiles" vehicles from which you can unleash fantastic firepower and sneaky tricks - and attempt to obliterate your rival. He or she could be playing in the next street, or as far away as a different European country. Gunbound mixes the classic Worms-style turn-based gameplay with cutting edge online technology to enable players to battle against each other online, via a central server. Access is fast and easy and the gameplay is frantic and fun. Players can also enhance their Gunbound experience by increasing their avatars' skills in areas such as attack power, defence, and health regeneration. With almost limitless combinations of items and skills to try, Gunbound offers ever-changing and addictive action, comprehensive online leagues and a quirky, colourful presentation to dazzle your senses.