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Knight Rider - The Game for PS2 and PC

Knight Rider - The Game


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KITT, a sentient, top-secret super-car programmed to protect human life, will fight crime alongside the intrepid Michael Knight through 10 action-packed missions taking place in over 15 different environments. KITT is fully equipped with various modes that will be used to help Michael Knight protect the innocent in a world of criminals who operate above the law. These features include Ski Mode to balance on two wheels to squeeze through tight spots, Super Pursuit Mode for those high-speed situations, Turbo Boost to leap forward and Micro Jammers and Scan Mode for jamming frequencies and scanning buildings. The game will also feature an all-star cast from the hit TV series such as Michael Knight, Bonnie Barstow and Devon, as well as the classic Garth, KARR and Goliath.