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Plants vs. Zombies Boxart
Review Rating 9.0 Amazing

Plants vs. Zombies

Release Date (Xbox 360, 3DS): September 08, 2010 Release Date (PC, Mac): May 05, 2009 Release Date (PS3): February 08, 2011 Release Date (iPhone): February 15, 2010 Release Date (PS Vita): February 22, 2012 Release Date (DS): January 18, 2011 Release Date (Android): May 31, 2011 Release Date (Windows Phone 7): June 22, 2011 Platforms: Xbox 360, 3DS, PC, Mac, PS3, iPhone, PS Vita, DS, Android, Windows Phone 7 Genres: Strategy, Action

Plants vs. Zombies takes place on a lawn broken into rows and columns