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Unlock Characters

  • Xbox 360
  • unlock
Aspharr Clear Fort Wyandeek with Inphyy.
Dwingvatt Clear all of Inphyy,Aspharr, and Myifee's missions.
Klarrann Clear all of Dwingvatt's missions.
Myifee Clear the Pholya Flatlands with Inphyy.
Tyurru Clear all of Dwingvatt's missions.
Vigk Vagk Clear all of Tyurru and Klarrann's missions.

Character Profiles

  • Xbox 360
  • unlock
Character profiles. Clear all of a character's missions to unlock their profile.


Unlock Special Stage

  • Xbox 360
  • unlock

Complete each character's story and then play Inphyy's last stage again and you will travel to fight the King of Nights