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Cheats for Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Unlock game plus and concept art

  • All platforms
  • Unlock

Beat the game once to unlock both game plus and the concept art.

Play spider-man suits/characters and awesome cheats

  • All platforms
  • Game Code
1 hit knock out on the final boss SQUARE,TRIANGLE,SELECT,L1+LEFT/LEFT ANALOG+CIRCLE
Play as spider-man 2099 X,R1,L1,O,TRIANGLE,O,SQUARE,SELECT BUTTON
Play as spider-man(black suit) defeat venom on level 1 and you can now use it
Play as wolverine SELECT,X,X,X,X,L1,R1,SELECT,SQUARE,O,L1+O

New Game+

  • All platforms
  • unlock

After finishing the game, watch the credits.  Select continue and watch the credits again.  Now you should be able to start over will all your stuff and upgrades.

Token Radar

  • All platforms
  • hint
Token Radar