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Cheats for Street Fighter IV

Unlocking Characters

  • All platforms
  • unlock
Akuma After unlocking Sakura, Dan, Cammy, Fei Long, Gen and Rose, Play with someone you've beat the game with and get at least 1 perfect (on single round matches) and use no continues.
Cammy End the arcade mode with Crimson Viper
Dan End the arcade mode with Sakura
Fei Long End the arcade mode with Abel
Gen End the arcade mode with Chun-Li
Gouken Complete the game with Akuma. Then (in single round matches) get at least 1 perfect, 3 Ultra Finishes, 5 first attacks and don't use any continues.
Rose End the arcade mode with M.Bison
Sakura End the arcade mode with Ryu
Seth End the game with all the other characters

Unlockable All Personal Actions

  • All platforms
  • unlock
Personal Action 10 Beat Time Attack Normal level 20
Personal Action 2 Beat Time Attack Normal level 2
Personal Action 3 Beat Survival Normal level 2
Personal Action 4 Beat Time Attack Normal level 7
Personal Action 5 Beat Survival Normal level 7
Personal Action 6 Beat Time Attack Normal level 12
Personal Action 7 Beat Survival Normal level 12
Personal Action 8 Beat Time Attack Normal level 17
Personal Action 9 Beat Survival Normal level 17

Unlock: Option to Select English / Japanese Voices Individually Per Character!

  • All platforms
  • unlock
Individual Language Option per Character Beat Arcade Mode once with any settings.


Unlock the Special Videos in the Gallery Option

  • All platforms
  • unlock
Seth VS. M.Bison Video Beat the game with M.Bison and Seth
The Chun Li Vs. Crimson Viper video. Beat arcade mode with Chun Li And Crimson Viper
The Gouken Vs Akuma Video Beat Arcade mode with Gouken and Akuma.
The Guile Vs. Abel Video Beat arcade mode with Guile and Abel
The Ryu Vs. Ken Video Beat arcade mode with Ryu and Ken.

Unlock Prologues and Endings in the Gallery Options

  • All platforms
  • unlock
Ending Beat Arcade mode with any character to get thier respective ending.
Prologues View a character's Prologue as you start arcade mode.

Unlock Official artwork in Gallery Mode

  • All platforms
  • unlock
Official 3 Complete Ryu and Ken's normal trials
Official 4 Complete C. Viper's normal trials
Official 5 Complete Abel's trial (probably can be done with El Fuerte, Rufus or C. Viper as well)
Official 6 Complete Chun-Li's normal trials

The Unlock Conditions for All Colors

  • All platforms
  • unlock
Color 10 Survival Normal 16
Color 3 Time Attack Normal 1
Color 4 Survival Normal 1
Color 5 Time Attack Normal 6
Color 6 Survival Normal 6
Color 7 Time Attack Normal 11
Color 8 Survival Normal 11
Color 9 Time Attack Normal 16

How to Unlock Character Specific Titles

  • All platforms
  • unlock
Amigo Beat El Fuerte's 1st Hard challenge
Anti ShoRyuKen Beat Sagat's 1st Hard challenge
Bath Time Beat E.Honda's 1st Hard challenge
Blonde Arrow Beat Cammy's 5th Hard Challenge
Deadly Beauty Complete C. Viper's 5th Hard Challenge
Delta Red Beat Cammy's 1st Hard challenge
Doofus Complete Rufus's 3rd Hard Trial
Eyebrow Man Beat Gouken's 2nd Hard challenge
Family Man Beat Guile's 5th Hard challenge
Fists of Fire Beat Ken's 5th Hard Challenge
Fists of Wind Beat Ryu's 5th Hard challenge
Flashy Fighter Beat Fei-long's 5th Hard Challenge
Furious Death Beat Gouken's 3rd Hard challenge
Gotta Quit Smoking Complete C. Viper's 1st Hard Challenge
Heavenly Sky Beat Akuma's 5th Hard challenge
High School Girl Beat Sakura's 5th Hard Challenge
Hitenryu Kung fu Beat Fei-long's 1st Hard challenge
Hope You're Ready! Beat Chun Li's 1st Hard Challenge
I love Candy Complete Rufus's 2nd Hard Trial
I Love Lauren Complete C. Viper's 3rd Hard Challenge
I wish i had a family Beat Abel's 5th Hard challenge
I'm Number One Complete Rufus's 5th Hard Trial
I'm Ready For Ya! Beat Ken's 1st Hard Challenge
In The Pink! Beat Dan's 3rd Hard challenge
Invinceable Tiger Beat Sagat's 5th Hard challenge
Jimmy Beat Blankas 5th Hard challenge
Jungle Boy Beat Blankas 1st Hard challenge
Kung Food Complete Rufus's 4th Hard Trial
Lam Duck Beat Dan's 2nd Hard challenge
Legs of Legend Beat Chun Li's 5th Hard challenge
Lightning and Fire Complete C. Viper's 2nd Hard Challenge
Like My Shorts? Complete Blanka's 2nd Hard Trial
Love Picararu Complete Blanka's 3rd Hard Trial
MESSATSU!! Beat Akuma's 1st Hard challenge
Mission Start Beat Cammy's 3rd Hard challenge
Nice Shades Complete C. Viper's 4th Hard Challenge
Not Alone Beat Cammy's 4th Hard challenge
Not Really Dead Beat Gouken's 1st Hard challenge
Red Cyclone Beat Zangief's 5th Hard challenge
Rice For The Win Beat Sakura's 1st Hard challenge
Rightous Avenger Beat Guile's 1st Hard challenge
Ruler Of Darkness Beat M.Bison's 5th Hard challenge
Samurai Fighter beat Ryu's 1st Hard challenge
Seriously Emo Beat Abel's 1st Hard challenge
Spin It again Beat Zangief's 1st Hard challenge
Sumo Slammer Beat E.Honda's 5th Hard challenge
Target Aquired Beat Cammy's 2nd Hard challenge
Taunt Master Beat Dan's 1st Hard challenge
Viva Mexico Beat El Fuerte's 5th Hard challenge
Working up a Sweat Complete Rufus's 1st Hard Trial
You Are Beneath Me Beat M.Bison's 1st Hard challenge

Altered Stage

  • All platforms
  • unlock

Hold the left or right bumper during stage select.