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Cheats for The Amazing Spider-Man

Suit Unlocks

  • All platforms
  • Unlock
Big Time Costume Suit Complete The First Iguana Mission
Classic Black Suit Unlocks After Chapter 5
Future Foundation Suit Complete All Oscorp Secret Lab Side Missions
Negative Zone Suit Complete All Rescue Missions
Scarlet Spider Suit Collect 700 Comics

Easy Way To Accumulate Tech Points

  • All platforms
  • hint

While swinging around the city, little flying robots called Seekers will randomly spot you, record you, and alert Hunters to your location. Hunters are huge flying robots that were created to destroy all cross-species including Spidey! There are a limited number of times you can destroy Seekers and Hunters. Once you reach 100% on both, they don't show up in the city anymore. (Refer to your in-game progress chart) The trick is to allow the Seekers to call in the Hunters. Only destroy the Hunters. You can do this an unlimited number of times allowing you to build up an unlimited amount of tech points to use on Spidey's upgrades. Remember, since Seekers are required to bring Hunters to you, do not destroy the Seekers until you've completely upgraded Spider-man's tech. Each Hunter you destroy gives you 150 tech points as well as a small amount of XP.