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Venture Tycoon for PC


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You are given with certain amount of money and start to lease an office building first in stand-alone scenario mode, it involves a lot of key issues that you might have to consider like location, size, interior and so on. Recruiting comes next, employ the most suitable one out of different characters with different quality. Once your man power is ready, get you business rolling. Just like any other company, budget your funds and make a loan from a bank when you are short of it. To expand its size, you can try listing on the Stock Market, be always conscious of the environmental variables like inflation or the ascent in oil price. Al last, verify your management skill and rank yourself here. Management can be known as a boring and complicated process but Venture Tycoon will lead you to the interesting and fun business world. It features amusing characters and easy play mode for the children and novice gamers and the prominent events like appearance of beggar, industrial spy, and job seeker will even make you feel more realistic.