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Rocksteady: No Batman Arkham City Demo Before Launch


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Those hoping to get their hands on the demo of Batman Arkham City a few days before the launch got a bit of bad news.  It looks like they'll have to make their decision without sampling Arkham City.  

Rocksteady Community Manager Sarah Wellock confirmed today that there will be no demo available for Batman Arkham City, pre or post-release.

Announced on the Batman Arkham City forums Sarah Wellock cited  "that there has simply not been time for us to create a demo for the game and I have been told there are no plans to release one in the future."  For what it's worth, Wellock reasoned that the reason for no demo is because "Rocksteady have been working like crazy for 2 years to deliver the best Batman experience we possibly can, and get this ready for the October 21st release."

Well, that's trusting.  At least she confirmed that it'll be the "best" Batman experience they can deliver.  I'm sold.  Too bad I have to wait 6 days for it to hit the shelves.

Will no Batman Arkham City demo sway you away from buying the game?

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