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Super Mario 3D Land in Times Square


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

To celebrate the recent release of Super Mario 3D Land, Nintendo held an event in New York's famous Times Square, complete with a giant stage made up like a level from the game. But while New Yorkers got to enjoy watching a troupe of gymnasts pull off some impressive stunts while dressed as our favorite plumber, us simpletons in the rest of the country assumed we'd have to be content with simply buying the game... Sure, we loved Super Mario 3D Land enough to give it a 9.5, but no Nintendo 3DS title will ever be as exciting as watching grown men pull off SWEET BACKFLIPS.

But wait! GameZone's own Joe Donato was able to head out and get some footage of the event, which we've put together into the below highlight reel! YEAH BOY! Take a look, and leave a comment for Joe, who braved the cold to bring us this exclusive Mario action.

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