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Namco "Working On" Dark Souls Patch for US, Still No Release Date


Posted by: Matt Liebl

While those in Japan have already seen Namco release two patches for Dark Souls, gamers in American and Europe are left wondering when they will get a patch.  Despite Japan already having access to patch 1.05, Dark Souls in the U.S. is still at patch 1.03.  A couple of days ago, Namco Bandai's Community Manager Rich Bantegui shed some light on the current Dark Souls patch situation in the U.S.

He reconfirmed via Twitter that they "are working on a new patch for the US".  Of course, that's to be expected.  But fans want to know when.

Unfortunately he still didn't offer a release date for the patch, but reassured fans, "I'll drop the update as soon as I can," and that "it'll be coming soon".  Bantegui didn't comment on when fans in Europe can expect the patch to arrive.

As far as what the actual patch for the U.S. will contain, many assume it'll have all the fixes that Japan has seen in updates 1.04 and 1.05.  As for multiplayer, Rich revealed that they're, "adjusting alot of it [co-op] to make the MP experience better."

Despite the lack of a patch release for the U.S., Dark Souls has received rave reviews from fans and critics, including scoring a 9/10 from us.

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