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Mass Effect universe after Mass Effect 3


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

While the long awaited Mass Effect 3 coming out this March fills me with anxious joy, it also fills me with a certain void knowing that the awesome trilogy will have come to an end.  How can I look forward to yet another Mass Effect game if there trilogy is over?

That may not be the case.  While Mass Effect 3 is in fact the end of the trilogy, it most likely won’t be the end of the Mass Effect franchise.  Casey Hudson, creative director for Mass Effect 3, was interviewed with OXM (issue 81) and said some positive things about the Mass Effect universe in the future. 

We want to do more stuff with Mass Effect, of course, and I'm sure we will.  But we're not really thinking about that right now. We want to make sure we give people the best ending to Mass Effect 3 that we can.

We want to end the trilogy really strongly, and that's the most important thing, and then we have a few ideas for things we can think about doing in the future. But we're okay with making it difficult for ourselves, because the most important thing is giving people a great ending.

It seems that the BioWare team is just focusing all their effort on making Mass Effect 3 the best finale they can for now.  Once they can take a breather after March, the talks of future titles can begin.  As fans, we don’t even know what will happen to universe after ME3

More Mass Effect would be amazing though.

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