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New SoulCalibur V ad gets up close to Ivy's posterior


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Remember when SoulCalibur used to be a fighting game?  Well, if you were to look at recent ads for the game, you'd think it were an S&M roleplaying game.

After releasing a promotional poster featuring Ivy's breasts, Namco followed up with a poster focusing on Voldo's crotch, which was promptly pulled due to complaints.

But complaints over their racy ads haven't stopped Namco from releasing another promotional poster for the game.  This time it focuses on Ivy's bottom-half.

Namco Bandai released a high-resolution image of Ivy's tookus and with all the talk of million poly counts, there is not a blemish or jagged edge on it.  Well done Namco, well done.

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