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Sony announces two free 'Discovery Apps' for PS Vita


Posted by: Matt Liebl

With the worldwide release of the PlayStation Vita upcoming, Sony has announced the details of two free game apps for the handheld device.

Frobisher Says and T@g will be made available as free downloads for the Vita as part of the 'Discovery Apps' promotion.

The first title, Frobisher Says, has been specifically designed to show off the Vita's many new features including facial recognition, motion controls, and rear touch screen.  It will be offered on the day of release to those who have pre-ordered the Vita.  For everyone else, they can download it in May.

T@g uses the Vita's augmented reality technology and built-in cameras to allow users to apply their graffiti 'tags' to real-world locations.  As you progress, you unlock additional features allowing you to tag more creatively and on a bigger scale.  This free gaming app will be released in May and is only compatible with the 3G version of the Vita.


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