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FFXIII-2 Fragment Guide (Vile Peaks 10AF) | Twilight Fragment Alpha


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragment Guide (Vile Peaks 10AF)

[#142] Twilight Fragment Alpha
After getting the fragment Ray's Last Light, it's now time to save Sergeant Blitz from the paradox. In the center of the Vile Peaks 10AF, you'll find a black abyss glowing. Stand before it and prepare for a boss fight against Twilight Odin.
[Twilight Odin Alpha Boss Battle Guide]
Odin is a lighting-type summon, which means his lightning attacks heal him. Make sure none of the paradigm pack monsters you've brought along use lightning magic, and keep Serah and Noel from using any thunder type abilities. Use a combination of ravagers and commandos to stagger Twilight Odin, then pile on the damage with either ravagers, commandos or saboteurs. Do bring along a heavy medic team in case of danger, as well as an aggressive team with medic backup to keep minor damage off while still brining the hurt. After taking Twilight Odin down you'll get a Martyr's Badge, Twilight Fragment Alpha and 3000CP. 
Now that Odin has been taken out in the Vile Peaks 10AF, let's go kick his ass in the Vile Peaks 200AF!
Topics Covered
-How to deal with the black paradox in Vile Peaks 10AF
-How to beat Twilight Odin
-How to get the Twilight Fragment Alpha
-Finding all missions / fragments in the Vile Peaks 10AF area
Items Found
-Twilight Fragment Alpha
-Martyr's Badge
-3000 Crystarium Points (CP)
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