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La-Mulana not coming to North American WiiWare after all ... Nooo!


Posted by: David Sanchez

For those of you who may be unaware, La-Mulana is a freeware indie gem that went on to claim a ton of success in Japan. Since its launch, the game has received an English language patch that allowed a wider audience to enjoy it. La-Mulana eventually found its way to the Japanese WiiWare service, and Nicalis, which also brought us the WiiWare version of Cave Story, was tasked with localizing the game for the North American WiiWare shop.

Last week, Japanese developer Nigoro, which is working on porting the Japanese WiiWare remake to PC, reported that it had no idea when the game would land on WiiWare in North America. Now, Nicalis has broken its silence, and the news the studio delivered certainly won't please too many indie gamers.

"Regarding La-Mulana, we have chosen to cancel publishing in North America and Europe for WiiWare," tweeted Nicalis.

According to the publisher, gamers can support Nigoro by purchasing the PC version. Already plenty of Twitter users have started expressing their disappointment regarding the cancelation of La-Mulana for WiiWare. Considering the lucky Wii owners in Japan have had access to the game for about a year, it should come as no surprise that fans are upset that, after numerous delays, the game won't arrive on Nintendo's download platform over here.

I've never played La-Mulana, and I was eagerly awaiting the WiiWare version. Looks like I'll be downloading the original PC game now. As for Nigoro's port of the Japanese WiiWare version of La-Mulana, fans can rest assured that the game will be released internationally, as stated on the game's website. Here's hoping we get a Steam release.

[Nigoro, @nicalis]

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