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League of Legends’ Full Metal Ramus and Riot Graves on sale now or free as Gamescom swag


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

If you are at Gamescom right now, first of all I’m very jealous of you, you NEED to go visit Riot Games’ both.  Now only can you get your grubby little hands on the debut of League of Legends’ newest champion Syndra, but while you’re there you might as well pick up two free skins while you’re RUBBING IN THE FACT THAT YOU’RE THERE!  I’m fine, really.

The first of the two skins is a Full Metal Ramus.  This version of everyone’s favorite Armordillo is no longer chrome, but all metallic.  The second skin is part of the ‘Riot Series’ with a Riot Graves.  The ‘furblunk’ noise of the smoke grenade always does remind me of tear gas so I find it more than fitting.  So if you’re at Gamescom, go pick up these free skins (and get two extra for me while you’re at it).

Full Metal Ramus

Riot Graves

Well if you are like me, and NOT in Germany, you can still buy these skins from the in game Riot store for 975 RP.  While you’re at it, Riot Nasus is on sale too for a limited time.  The Riot skins will only be sale until the 19th before going into the Legacy vault until the next big event for Riot.  Get yours today!


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