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Stained demo updated, pre-orders now available on Impulse


Posted by: David Sanchez

Developer RealAxis Software has released an updated demo for Stained. This latest version adds a few enhancements and removes some in-game bugs. Additionally, it makes the combat sequences a bit more challenging (read: a lot more challenging).

In my preview of Stained, I discussed how the game was tough but fair. Like so many old school action platformers before it, the game really makes you think before you act, and you need to time your offense properly if you want to succeed. This amped up difficulty should prove interesting for gamers looking for a high level of challenge.

Stained is set to launch later this month. You can currently pre-purchase the game on Impulse for $8.99, and it's also headed to Desura. Additionally, RealAxis has submitted the upcoming puzzle platformer to Steam Greenlight for approval.

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