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A look at the Covenant weapons in Halo 4

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Covenant Carbine

halo 4 covenant carbine

Notable semi-automatic mid-range accuracy, firing ballistic rounds unlike most other Covenant weapons. 

Joel Gifford (Test) - "The Covenant Carbine is an absolute terror when going up against unshielded foes. Bringing it into Spartan Ops missions against Grunts, Jackals, and Crawlers allows you to quickly drop waves of enemies, provided you can land the headshot. In PVP, it has a little trouble getting through enemy shields, but the precision and high rate of fire allow you to constantly bombard your opponent."

Beam Rifle

halo 4 beam rifle

Extreme-range sniper rifle, charging ionized hydrogen gas into a lethal beam of accelerated particles. 

Kynan Pearson (Lead Multiplayer Level Design) - "The Beam Rifle is sick. What’s not to like about being able to clear out an enemy team with a single weapon that when used correctly doesn’t require a reload… and the sound is so satisfying."

Concussion Rifle

halo 4 concussion rifle

Similar to other Covenant mortar weapons, firing explosive bolts of plasma at close-range to mid-range distances. 

Jayce Diaz (Spartan Ops Designer) - "Against AI, it can topple vehicles and has a fast enough firing rate to scatter large groups, and against other players it has the uncanny ability to cause confusion and pain at a safe distance. It is the ultimate noise gun, a disruptor that can leave enemies in complete disarray before they die." 

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