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Claptrap will now alert you of incoming calls and text messages with new Borderlands 2 ringtones


Posted by: Mike Splechta

That loveable little robot with an enormous collection of one liners and crazy dubstep skills can now alert you of incoming calls and texts. That's right, Claptrap and his silly antics are all downloadable right from the Borderlands 2 site, and ready to be transfered to your iOS or Android device.

You get classic lines such as:


"Oh God! They're coming out of the wall-sphincters!"

"Wanna hear the new dubstep song I wrote?"

"I have no new jobs for you! Your eagerness has been noted, however."

For Mr. Torgue fans, the character from the latest Borderlands 2 DLC, you have a collection of tones to download as well. And who can argue with an asking price of free! No one, that's who!

Head on over to this page to grab all the Borderlands 2 ringtones.

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