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God of War: Ascenion Trial of the Gods is two-player horde mode


Posted by: David Sanchez

A new multiplayer mode has been revealed for God of War: Ascension, which launches next week on March 12. Trial of the Gods is essentially a time trial horde mode where two players must team up to take on waves of AI-controller enemies.

Trial of the Gods will feature 15 enemy types including gorgons, cerberuses, cyclopes, and satyrs. The mode will be compatible with the Desert of the Lost Souls, Forum of Hercules, and Rotunda of Olympus maps at launch, and more maps are planned for the mode down the road.

You can take on Trial of the Gods with a friend, with a random online partner, or on your own. Depending on how fast you clear the mode, you'll receive a gold, silver, or bronze medal, and if you beat the fifth round, an "epic boss" battle will be your final stop as you make your way to victory.

[PlayStation Blog]

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