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Hotline Miami 2 will mark the end of the series


Posted by: David Sanchez

Jonatan Soderstrom and Dennis Wedin of developer Dennaton Games recently spoke up about a sequel to Hotline Miami. According to the duo, the upcoming follow-up will be the end of the series for the developer. Speaking to Joystiq, Soderstrom and Wedin explained that they were eager to work on a brand new franchise, but they decided that they would finalize the Hotline Miami lore first.

The sequel will feature an early '90s vibe, with attention being focused heavily on the overly emotional aspects of that era. The main character from the first Hotline Miami will make a return, though he won't be the protagonist this time around. Additionally, some of the musical artists that provided tracks for the first game will also return, and there will even be some new artists.

Hotline Miami 2 is scheduled for launch on the PC. Dennaton expressed interest in releasing the game for the Vita, too, so as long as there are no issues with Sony, the game may arrive on both platforms on the same day.


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