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Let’s Play: Resident Evil: Revelations demo Shakira edition


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Tony Did it Again as he played the Resident Evil: Revelations demo while I stood by him for moral support and ridicule. There was Objection by infected zombies as we traveled through the corridors of the cruise ship ‘Queen Zenobia.’ Whenever, Wherever they would go for a jump scares, Tony shot them right in their faces and sometimes thier 'bigger arms.' The zombies had grotesque facial features, horrible teeth, and Eyes Like Yours. Unlike Resident Evil 5, This Time for Africa doesn’t apply.

The true heroine here is the She Wolf  Jill Valentine. There are times when we creep as those Hips Don’t Lie through door transitions. This Gypsy just goes for the gusto and is willing to take on anything in her path. Watch as I Am Here for Tony as Underneath Your Clothes you wet yourself from fear/laughter; enjoy.    

Resident Evil: Revelations Shakira Edition


Tags: Resident Evil: Revelations, Capcom, Let's Play

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