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Saints Row 4 president enacts Animal Protection Act in second Hail to the Chief video


Posted by: Matt Liebl

What the heck did I just watch...? Oh wait, just another over-the-top Saints Row 4 trailer. The second Hail to the Chief video has been released, apparently part of this "Hail to the Chief week," according to Deep Silver. It's... interesting to say the least.

If a grown man dressed in a creepy cat outfit while making wookie noises is your thing, then you'll love it. Technically, the video is part of the Saints Row 4 President's enactment of the Animal Protection Act -- and he's letting it be known with the Stomp superpower. The video provides a very brief look at it.

Soon you'll be able to unleash your superpowers when Saints Row 4 launches on August 20 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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