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You Are Not The Hero puts you in the head of a NPC you’ve wronged


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

You are a bad hero. From those times you've played those RPGs to even being Link himself, you are guilty of this. You stroll into a town, boasting that you’re the hero, the white knight, the good guy… but what do you do? Petty theft! You barge into civilians houses, go through their chests, talk to them and hear their life story, often get advice from them, then steal everything you possibly can from their house. That’s not heroic! You’re a jerk and you should feel bad. Forcing ‘protection money’ on innocent people is an evil act, son.

This is the premise of You Are Not The Hero. As an average, town goer, woman, you get an amulet stolen from your very house from a “hero.” This sets you out on your own quest to get it back. This isn’t a fair life, but you can take your own form of justice upon these so called heroes. As Petula, you’ll solve puzzles and survive using your brain instead of some sort of power given to you by destiny.

Currently,  You Are Not The Hero is on Kickstarter so I strongly suggest you take a gander at it. If you like what you see, back the project. It’s finally time to repent for all those people you’ve wronged. 

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