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PS Vita Black Friday deals outlined by Sony


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Looking for a PlayStation Vita to complement your brand new PlayStation 4? Or maybe you're simply looking for a handheld gaming solution other than your phone. Sony has got you covered, outline all of the Black Friday sales for the PlayStation Vita.

It's quite simple, really; five major retailers -- Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart -- are selling all Vita systems at a discount. Best Buy is the cheapest, selling it for $169.99, while the remaining four have offers of $179.99. Check out the various deals below, including the system versions, dates, and prices:

  • Best Buy — All PS Vita systems available (11/24 – 11/28) — $169.99
  • GameStop — PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Bundle (11/29 – 12/1) — $179.99
  • Target — All PS Vita systems available (11/28 – 11/30) — $179.99
  • Toys R Us — All PS Vita systems available (11/28 – 11/29) — $179.99
  • — All PS Vita systems available (11/28 – 11/29) — $179.99

Aside from the various Vita exclusives -- like Killzone: Mercenary and Tearaway -- Sony's handheld works in tandem with the PlayStation 4. Thanks to Remote Play functionality, you can play most of your PS4 games directly on the Vita by streaming the gameplay over WiFi, essentially freeing up your TV for other uses. Sony also offers other incentives like Cross Buy, which basically gives you both the handheld and console versions of a game for one price.

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