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Supposed footage of GTA 5 on PC has the internet perplexed


Posted by: Matt Liebl

We all know Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming to PC. Well, we think we know, though Rockstar Games hasn't actually confirmed it. I mean, with over 650,000 signatures now calling for a PC port of the game, Rockstar would be crazy not to. Nevertheless, the studio has yet to acknowledge the PC version, which makes a newly uploaded video of GTA 5 supposedly running on PC all the more puzzling. What's more, many are having trouble figuring out if it's a fake or not.

There is certainly more evidence suggesting the video is fake -- the way the character and mouse moves, the settings menu, the shady off-screen camera recording the footage -- but there are still quite a few defending the video. It helps that many believe GTA 5 will eventually come to PC anyway, meaning there's a chance this could be legit. Check out the video below and decide for yourself.

Real or fake, there's a high probability we will see Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC sometime this year. We're just waiting for Rockstar to announce it.


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