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Mortal Kombat is never ever ever coming to the Wii U's Virtual Console


Posted by: Jake Valentine

How would you like to play Mortal Kombat on your Wii U? Perhaps want to give Mortal Kombat 3 a spin with off-TV play. Both of these sound like absolutely fantastic ideas. Sadly, they'll remain just that: ideas.

Ed Boon recently answered a question on Twitter pretaining to the possbility of a Mortal Kombat game appearing on Nintendo's Virtual Console:

For those that don't know, Ed Boon is the co-creator of the Mortal Kombat franchise, so he'd have a pretty big say in the matter. It's important to note that I'm not blaming Boon here; he's just stating that there is a liklier chance that the Stark family will meet up at a family reunion than Mortal Kombat appearing on the Virtual Console.


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