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Get a first look at the Strain housing items coming to WildStar


Posted by: Lance Liebl

That disgusting, pulsing, tentacle house that you see to your right is one of the new housing plugs coming to WildStar with the first Ultra Drop -- The Strain. 

In addition to new zone, items and content for Elder game, there's plenty of housing customization items coming as well... and they're all disgusting.

The items are horrifying yet elegant in a twisted way, like a bathtub with claws and giant infected optical nerves. I have a thing with eyes... I don't like to touch them or see them oozing... so no thank you.

Some new housing plugs include a Strainmaw mat for those visitors that you'd like to not see so much, and a Phage Form Lab. Combine all of this for even more rest XP when you log out at your house.

You can check out some of the new Strain-themed customization items here:

strain-themed hoverboard

Strain-themed hoverboard

Pustulant Purple Barbs and Eyeball Wall Decor

Pustulant Purple Barbs and Eyeball Wall Decor

spine and rib cage set

Spine and rib cage set... how nice...

strain costume

Strain costume: great for date night!

strainmaw mat

Strainmaw mat: "Boba Fett? Boba Fett? WHERE?!!!"

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