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Riot Games just released their best League of Legends cinematic yet


Posted by: Lance Liebl

Riot Games released a new cinematic -- their best one yet -- to their YouTube channel featuring a nice line-up of champions. We get to see the likes of Katarina, Draven, Darius, Zyra and Nautilus go against Leona, Ahri, Graves, Jax and Rengar. And Rengar is totally badass.

The 6:27 cinematic is called "A New Dawn." There's not much of a description, but what's there reads, "Day Breaks over a landscape consecrated by blood and steel. A battle begins as a new dawn rises."

While the cinematic looks awesome, I always think it's funny that the champions in these don't behave anything like themselves in the game. For instance, Ahri didn't cast her Charm before all of her other spells, so she didn't get the damage amplification. 

Also, no one raging on their teammates? How unrealistic is that?

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