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6 Things to do at Comic-Con

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Stalk/get drunk with a minor celebrity

Whenever someone asks me why Comic-Con is awesome, I normally just tell them about the time that Felicia day hugged me, and then they.... well, they still look at me funny.  But I like to think that they get it a little more.  (Speaking of Felicia Day, a friend of mine who is obsessed with her is going to Con for the first time this year, and the merchandise that I’m most excited to bring back from my trip is pictures of my friend freaking the f*ck out.)

Felicia Day picture

(Yes, that's me.  Shut up.  This was a very exciting moment.)

Seriously though, one of the nicest things about the convention is the way that actors and writers mingle among us, walking the show floor in awe themselves, shaking hands and connecting with the fans.  Sure, this isn’t true of every celebrity that comes to comic-con, but a lot of the smaller ones are more than willing to take some time talking to and getting to know fans, which is pretty damn awesome.

So who knows?  Maybe the star of that webseries you love will be more than happy to have dinner with you and your friends, or to get shitfaced and wander around San Diego.  My point is, you’ll never know until you ask, and then you don’t have to worry about potentially missing out on that story about the time you and Seth Green got hammered sang karaoke together.

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