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Darksiders II complete walkthrough

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Collections and other Notes

All collectibles are continued...

The Mad Queen

<<---- Explore Shadow's Edge ---->>
Go ahead on the only path available and you reach the gates of a connecting fort. Go left from the dragon tome and you come to ledges to the right near the end. Go up the ledges and grab the BOOK OF DEAD PAGE Z3. Stand on the pressure plate here and soul split. Then go back and right from the dragon tome. You can pick up the RELIC OF KHAGOTH here. Un-Split and go out of here. Osteogoth welcomes you to the Dark Kingdom. You also see some fantastic visuals in this part of the game - absolutely mind-blowing stuff.
<<---- Find the Mad Queen ---->>

You are in Shadows Edge and as you move ahead you will come into The Black Stone. You come to two open door. Go into the door to the right and you meet a very special person who gives you a new power - The Phasewalker. Before you go back out, go ahead past Lilith and in the end of this place you find the BOOK OF DEAD PAGE Z4.

The Lord of the Black Stone

<<---- Find Samael ---->>
Go back out and thru the open door ahead. You come into the Black Stone which is in ruins. It seems that the current time does not permit us to explore this once great dungeon. Look to the left here for a Phase Surface - they are green unlike the Void Surfaces. Go thru the phase and you come to an earlier time when the Dungeon was in it's full glory. Go ahead to the center platform - knowing that you are going into an ambush... You start to fight some Legion Champions - they can kill you very quickly unless you learn to move around effectively. Their chains can hurt but you can always dodge off. Take them on slowly and they die quickly - depends on the weapon you are using - but you should have a great weapon by now. After you kill all of them, look straight ahead and on the statue of the six handed demon on it's stomach is a STONE OF POWER Z1; then go right (the open door to the left is blocked).
You come to two more open doors. Go thru the right side door and run on the wall to the left to get to the other side.
Go ahead on the other side and come to a Hook. Use it to go up and look on the edge to the right here and grab the BOOK OF DEAD PAGE Z5. Once you come out pull the lever and go right to the Phase Surface and use it... Look here in the place opposite to where the chest icon is in the mini-map and take the SOUL ARBITER'S SCROLL Y19. Come to the middle of the main area and jump down to the round platform below. Use the hook on the wall nearby, go up and thru the open door to the left. 
<<---- A Key to the Locked Door ---->>
You come in to another large area with a locked door to the right and the STONE OF POWER Z2 a bit to the left of the door.
Go on the path to the left and down the stairs and you see a phase surface here, ignore it for now and go ahead. You come to another Phase surface, if you look to the right here near where the chest icon is, you see a chest which has black growth on it - indestructible.... at this time Go back to the Phase surface here and use it. As soon as you come out, bring the powers wheel onto the screen and equip the Deathgrip. You are about to face a Maelstrom... These things are worse than their counterparts - the Lich. Instead of summoning Hosts, these things summon large balls of fire which explode when they hit you - very powerful attacks. But, whenever you see one, the best way you can take one down is to use the Deathgrip on them and then come and fall near death - beat them up for a bit and use the grip again so that they do not regain composure. Look to the right (go up the steps) and you find that the black growth used to be a corrupted growth - we can explode it now. 
Look to the left here on the path you are on and you see a Pressure Plate which opens the grill to the left. Now, stand on the plate and split yourself so that the reaper statue is on the plate. Make a part go right and you come to a void surface. Stand directly  in front of the void surface and shoot a void - it has to be a normal void and not a charged void. If you mistakenly shoot a charged void then shoot into the phase surface you came thru to make the void disappear and come back and shoot a normal void (using the Phasewalker itself). Switch to your other form (it is very important that one part stays in front of the void you just shot), make the other form go thru the grill which opened to the left and you come to some ledges which take you into a room to the right. The room is guarded by a Maelstrom and it begins to drop fire balls as soon as you go thru - blowing you back. You need to dodge the fireballs and use Deathgrip on the Maelstrom so it loses balance. Kill the things inside and you come to a Void Surface and a shadow bomb. 
Shoot a normal void here again (it cannot be a charged void). Get a bomb and look thru the void - you should vaguely be able to spot your other part thru it, throw the bomb to your other part so that it catches it and shift to your other part. You can also spot a STONE OF POWER Z3 here on the wall to the right of the platform with the growth.
Make your other part with the bomb aim and blast the growth on the platform - the chest is in the future so use the phase surface to go back to the present and take the key from the chest which is now free of any growth.
<<---- Thru the Locked Door ---->>
Go back after taking the key and when you come to the other Phase Surface just outside, use it and go ahead towards the locked door - which has a path to it now. Go thru the next door too and you come to a lever, pull it and go to the left and use the ledges to get below to the next area. In the middle of the thin strip of lane you are on, you can find, yet another phase surface. Shoot it and go thru it. As soon as you come out, look to the right to spot the BOOK OF DEAD PAGE Z6. To the right of the page in the distance is a Void Surface. If you go to the left edge of this platform, you can catch a glimpse of the surface and shoot a void in it. Go backwards and you will come to another void surface, use it to get to the book of dead page and get back to the center of this area. You can spot a wall post outside so use it to get to the top and go thru the door and you come into a throne room of sorts - but it's empty; just like Lilith told it would be. But wait...there's a Phase Surface on top, use the stairs to get to the surface and go thru it....
<<---- Defeat Samael ---->>
Demon King: Samael
As you may have imagined Samael is very tough. If you did not learn to dodge flawlessly by now, then you will find this to be the toughest fight in the game. Samael keeps teleporting close to you - if you have the Lich Staff then know is the time to use it. It helps you get extra wrath from the few hits you land. And yes, you will land very few hits - unless you can bring you reaper meter up to full atleast once - in which case, this fight will get atleast a bit  easier. Keep dodging and the moment Samael teleports you can land a hit - if you use fast secondary weapons only - not heavy ones. Land a hit and move away - use your wrath powers - Murder helps wonderfully. Try to get you reaper meter to full too - use the Grim Talisman for faster collection of reaper points. After a while you will kill him....
<<---- Return to the Crowfather ---->>

Go up to the Phase surface and use it to get back. Go across using the pillar that acts like the bridge to the door. Use the portal we used earlier and then move ahead and go to the ledges and go back to the top. Go to the first phase surface we used in Black Stone and go thru it to get to the future again and you can speak to Lilith once more if you want to and fast travel to the Crowfather who is near the Tree of Death in this world.

The Well of Souls

<<---- Enter the Well of Souls ---->>
Before you go into the well of souls, make sure you have all five health and wrath potions and all the stuff you need. Use your best armor - preferably, ones which give you increased strength. Equip your best weapon and try to get your reaper meter to full and only then, go thru the large gates which take you to the Well.
<<---- Defeat the Avatar of Chaos ---->>

Corrupted Nephilim: Absalom


You will see that the final battle will be every bit as good as you might have imagined it to be. The fight is going to be a straight face to face no b.s battle. Absalom is very tough and occasionally, if you do not dodge enough he will catch you with arms of corruption and come towards you to beat you up. When you are caught in the black arms coming from the ground then you better hit the left and right clicks very very fast to get out of it's hold. Use the Reaper if your meter is full or any other of your wrath powers.... there is no need to hold back anything now. Use your wrath potion and health potions when you need to, try not to have your health below 75% at any point of time. Once you defeath the Avatar, watch the cutscene that follow to clarify some of the important points remaining in the story.


The story after...

Death sacrifices himself to bring back the Kingdom of Humans. Back on Earth...after a hundred years of imprisonment, War finally kills the Destroyer and  breaks the seventh seal himself.... Once the seventh seal is broken, four Horsemen have to come - they should always be four... Death is resurrected and rides along with Fury and Strife to War and heads into the final battle between all of the Demon kind and the Angles.
You see someone from the shadows speak to Lilith and voice is displeasure over his missing army of Nephilims.... is it Lucifer himself?

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