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Dead Space 3 Guide - Tips & tricks for survival

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3) Well-rounded weapons work best (with Knockback!)

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Necromorphs in Dead Space 3 have a tendency to dash at you like a linebacker on speed. Your puny Plasma Cutter simply won't do the trick on higher difficulty levels unless you pair it with something that has more stopping power.

The best weapons for all-around use tend to feature a smaller, fast-firing gun with a shotgun or forcegun equivalent. Here are two examples:

  • Heavy Frame with a Shotgun (Military Engine + Conic Dispersal) and Bouncing Bolas (Tesla Core + Compressor)
  • Heavy Frame with a Chain Gun (Telemetry Spike + Diffraction Torus) and Ground Diffractor (Plasma Core + Diffraction Torus)

In both instances we have a fast firing weapon (Bouncing Bolas or Chain Gun) combined with something that knocks enemies on their butts. The Shotgun can be quite overpowered with some upgrades, so if it doesn’t kill a Necromorph on its own, you can use the Bolas to finish them off. In the Chain Gun example, the Ground Diffractor can knock back an entire crowd of enemies surrounding you, making it the perfect tool for a quick getaway.

Make one of those your primary gun, and then experiment with all of DS3’s other toys in your secondary gun slot. Have fun and try new things!

4) Maximize your upgrade circuits


Upgrade Circuits are the key to knocking DS3’s enemies down a notch. Their benefits can make a bad gun worthwhile and a good gun unstoppable. You can play to a weapon’s strengths, or negate its weaknesses. Either way, you’ll want to make sure you’re always inserting the best circuits you can afford.

You should also make sure you use Elite frames when building your weapons. The 8 total circuit slots are too good to pass up. And keep in mind that even if your secondary weapon is a Rotator Cuff, any pointless upgrades will automatically be applied to the weapon that can actually use it.

To really take your Upgrade Circuit game to the next level, though, you’ll want to follow this last tip... 

5) Sell your crap!

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You’ll get a lot of goodies over the course of Dead Space 3’s 19 Chapter story. You’ll also get a lot of things you won’t need. If your inventory is constantly filling up, sell Health Packs, Ammo, and Stasis Packs towards upgrades for your suit. Provide enough space in your inventory that you don’t end up dropping stuff before the next Bench.

You’re also going to get weapon parts that you won’t need. Three Military Engines? Maybe you’ll need two, but most likely you can afford to sell off one for salvage. Keep track of your weapon parts and sell anything you’re not making use of. You can always buy it back later when you have more resources.

Better still, you’ll eventually find that many of your Upgrade Circuits are out of style. Why use a Circuit that provides +1 Reload and +1 Damage when you have access to a Circuit with +2 Reload and +2 Damage? Sell your old chips and you’ll most likely be able to put that salvage towards even better chips.

On the higher difficulties, Dead Space 3 starts out challenging no matter how much you follow these tips. That said, if you do everything here you’ll eventually turn Impossible mode into a cakewalk. So keep at it and before you know if your co-op buddy will be begging for all the cool toys you’ve got!

Joe Donato still thinks DS2 is the best, but DS3 is pretty cool too. Follow him on Twitter @JoeDonuts for more gaming chat.

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