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PC Video Game Previews


Beam Breakers - PC - Preview

Ahh ... Neo York. A bustling city where hard working citizens walk the streets heading to work or home or whatever. Businesses tower at multiple leve


Battlefield 1942 - PC - Preview

Michelangelos masterpiece David began as a slab of amorphous marble. Through diligent carving, chipping, and chafing, Old Mike was able to create one


Blitzkrieg - PC - Preview

The worst thing about Blitzkrieg, a real time strategy game with role-playing elements set in the backdrop of WWII, is you CDV Software promises Blit


Gothic II - PC - Preview

E3 2002 - First Look There once was a game that featured the traditional fight between good and evil, wrapped in an RPG shell and set in a prison. Wh


America's Army - PC - Preview

As part of their new media campaign, the U.S. Army has decided to get involved with creating a team-based multiplayer combat game for the PC. Being c


Rise of Nations - PC - Preview

Rise of Nations gives you the history of the world in a short amount of time From the creators of such games as Civilization II and Alpha Centauri co