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PS2 Video Game Previews


Bolt - PS2 - Preview

E3 2008 Preview Based on the upcoming film by Disney Animation Studios, the Bolt video game will be taking a different approach than following the st


UEFA Euro 2008 - PS2 - Preview

Soccer, the sport most of the world calls football, is too big for just one EA game a year. FIFA may be the leader with its high-end next-gen graphic


MLB 08: The Show - PS2 - Preview

The year begins much the same way that it ends: with a bevy of sports games. Though the majority wont be released till late summer/early fall, we are


NBA 08 - PS2 - Preview

Every year theres a time when gamers wish they could grow a third hand. It's not for some new-gen, futuristic gaming mechanism, or even to one-up the


NBA Live 08 - PS2 - Preview

The past few years have been rough on the PS2 versions of NBA Live. Often promising but not entirely polished, the series recently fell to second pla