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PSP Video Game Previews


NBA Live 10 - PSP - Preview

EA Sports NBA franchise has certainly seen its share of ups and downs, as fans of the series can attest. The developers knew that the game was simply


Undead Knights - PSP - Preview

E3 2009 Preview That's the current tagline for Undead Knights, the gory, semi-comical, semi-horrific action game from Tecmo. The developers really wa


Invizimals - PSP - Preview

E3 2009 Preview The pocket monster fad was quite the sight to behold. Kids all over the world became enamored in these tiny creatures, which seemingl


Patapon 2 - PSP - Preview

When the original Patapon hit the PSP in February of 2008, some gamers were taken by surprise. Here was, after all, a rhythm-based game featuring the