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4th of July
E3 2013

GameZone‘s top 10 Games we want at E3 2014

A year ago, E3 rocked the gaming boat with ‘next-gen’ consoles. The future was literally now and all we could do...

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PlayStation 4 Image

Counterpoint: Backwards compatibility is a privilege, not a right

Earlier this week, Sony revealed PlayStation Now, a new service that will allow PSOne, PS2, and PS3 games to be played on...

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Bell Gargoyle

Top 10 Gargoyles/Demons in games and movies

Movies and video games are well-versed when it comes to demons and gargoyles. One monster that's not covered as often is...

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Voodoo Fest 07: SingStar Stage

Voodoo Fest 07: SingStar Stage By Louis Bedigian Calling all rockstar, pop star, and Rs Voodoo Fest was the SingStar Stage. Located toward the middle


Godzilla Unleashed as Gone Gold

Atari UNLEASHED Goes Gold EAGERLY AWAITED MONSTER GAME ready to stomp into stores Atari, Inc. today announced that development on Godzilla Unleashed,