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It’s a recipe for disaster: A Mulisha Air followed by a Superman Seat Grab over two jumps, the first which gives you the air necessary for the triple stunt, the second barely enough to get you airborne. The trick is to have the speed and continue it through the course.

That means tight turns and quick acceleration.

EA SPORTS™ Supercross, for the PlayStation console, is not just about freestyle competition. In fact, the game really hits its stride in the featured event – which is Supercross motorcycle racing. Featuring more than 25 riders (plus the option to create your own rider), and 18 courses (yes, one must be unlocked), this force feedback ride is a combination of quick reflexes, instant strategy and the will to win.

Mike LaRocco is in fourth place, in the final lap at the indoor Anaheim event.  One minor jump left, then a 90-degree turn and then it’s the finish line. You position your rider carefully, knowing that the opponents are likely to take the corner a little wider because of the speed they have. Backing off the accelerator just a tad allows you to cut that final corner very tightly, zip from fourth to first and capture the flag.

It’s a chess match on the race course, a bump and run spectacle that can see you in second place one moment and eighth the next.

The options package on this game is pretty solid. You being with seven choices (quick start, 1 player, 2 player, racing class – which has three sub-levels, record book, create rider and game options) and from there you define just what you wish to do within the confines of the game.

Yes, it is frustrating, especially in the supercross events when two riders bump you off your line going into a corner, and you end up fighting to get your bike back on track and into the race.

The graphical elements are very nice in this program, and the audio is exactly what you would expect from EA SPORTS™. Controls in Supercross racing events are very straightforward, though you will have to be careful on employing the hairpin turn button combination, because you can go from a hairpin turn to accelerating back down the way you came, which means turning back around and losing valuable time. Controls in the freestyle are a little trickier and involve the O button and D-pad combos.

EA SPORTS™ Supercross is a fast-paced, high-flying bump-a-rama that is a lot of fun. From the steady drone of motorcycle engines revving constantly, to the background of announcers and crowd, this program is a solid ride.


Install: N/A

Gameplay: 8
This program moves very smoothly and enjoyably through each event.

Graphics: 8
Perhaps not as smooth as a PC game, this program still features solid graphical elements that will delight gamers.

Sound: 8.5
 Very good and exactly what one would expect to hear in this sporting activity.

Difficulty: 8
You can outwit the competition in Supercross racing, while succeeding in freestyle events is a lot tougher.

Concept: 6.5
This is a genre that has been around for a while.

Multiplayer: 8
This is a nice game for single players, but really excels in the multiplayer competitions.

Overall: 8
Solid graphics, audio and easy control elements make Supercross a wonderful racing event for younger and older players. This game features enough options, riders and courses to create a challenging gaming experience each time out.

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