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Like I said, I have respect for both games. I actually own both of them right now, and honestly I do play COD MW3 more than BF3. But that is mainly because of all the technical difficulties of BF3, and the fact that I like a lot of real close and intense combat. BF3 is more of a strategy. If you want to win you will need to communicate with your squad. So you all can't really call me a COD fanboy when I own both and have played both. Now I was thinking of buying up both of these games this fall. Yes you heard me, I said both COD Ghost and BF4. But there is one big issue that I am not liking how BF3 worked and how BF4 is going to work. I really hate and I mean really hate the fact that I have to open BF3 in a website to even play the game. I don't like games running off of any web browser. I don't care how good the game is I just don't like it set up that way. So if BF4 for PC is going to have the same game menu that BF3 had. I might just have to stick with COD Ghost. EA Leaves me no choice in the matter. Like I said I don't like any game and I mean any game that runs off of a web browser. Now for the conclusion. Maybe COD engine is not new but neither is Frostbite 3. These companies just remake improvements and call them the next engine. Just MS Office and many other programs. The functions are the same. Just added and remade with a new name. OK guys I think I have made it very plain that I am not a COD fanboy. I am a FPS fanboy.
Default-user bestgeek1
bestgeek1 said:
Wow, I expected more from someone I thought would get their facts straight. BF4 is going to use Frostbite 3 and that is correct. But the fact that...
OK so how do you explain about the fact the COD creators are showing off the fact that the environment is going to be destructible. Not like just a gas tank, but I mean really destructible. Maybe not as much as BF in everyway, but much more than it has ever been in the past. And about the new engine thing. Somehow it just doesn't make sense because in the video with the creators of COD they brag that they are now using a brand new engine. Also, BF frostbite engine is just modified every time a new BF comes out. It really isn't new either. So it isn't like one is really getting ahead of the other. Like I said before, I have respect for both games as each one has a slightly different gameplay style.
Default-user bestgeek1
Wow, I expected more from someone I thought would get their facts straight. BF4 is going to use Frostbite 3 and that is correct. But the fact that you say that COD Ghost is using the same engine you are completely wrong. They didn't even modify the old one again. They are using a completely new one from scratch. And about maps changing and buildings leveling only in BF3 you are wrong again. COD Ghost is now boasting that it's new engine will make it so that buildings will level and environments change. I Have respect for both games, but please get your facts straight. Thank you.
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