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Lithen Yall said:
He's a new effeminate character.
Or young. Could be young!
Default-user betch no
So the movie isn't enough torture for us. We also need a video game.
Default-user betch no
I hope that the crash fix is for real.
Default-user betch no
Norman Reed said:
That's basically a sign for them to focus on the 3DS and cut ties with the Wii U, right?
@cpu: I haven't heard about this...What kind of console could they be working on? 3DS XL Lite?
Default-user betch no
Open beta, announce that next. Announce it!
Default-user betch no
Yeah, and then YouTube will tell you that you violated some copyright and then you have to contest it.
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Please test that patch as much as possible. People are so butthurt over the launch that they can't handle a broken patch.
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Riddlemethis said:
Imagine if the PS4 launched in 13 countries like the xbox
sony fanboy idiot dnt comment
Default-user betch no
agencree said:
These aren't good stats considering its 2 v 13. Sorry MS
ur just a sony fanboy stfu
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