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Default-user Blake Simons
A stunningly beautiful art-style, a sprawling, engrossing epic of a game. Endless replayability with 25 characters to choose from. What's not to like?! I simply must play this wonderful game. In all seriousness though, ever since I was a child I have dreamed of owning a saga. I've also been obsessed with banners since I was young. They bring me great joy, which probably has something to do with their association with celebration. So imagine my delight when I found that a game was set to combine my two favourite things in the world - banners AND sagas! Other games had tempted me before - a confectionery based game involving sagas, but there was an inherent lack of banners that lessened the appeal. But this is something I can excited about. So please, I beg of you, raise a banner to the sky pronouncing me successful and I shall happily embark on an epic banner-laden saga!
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