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Default-user Brandon Holliday
I will never get rid of my PS3! Mine is one of rare ones that is backwards compatible!!. I just hope that they have a feature that lets you play a PS3 game if you already have it digital.
Default-user Brandon Holliday
Matt YOU ARE in the minority when it came to recruiting in the previous games. IT TOOK WAY TO DAMN LONG to recruit in between games!!! I only played 2 seasons before I said F it and went back to NCAA 11 on the PS2. Besides that gripe the option was BUSTED in 12. (didn't buy 13 since I buy sports games every other year)
Default-user Brandon Holliday
Craobox Lost is really pissing people off, fine with my PS4 4 life
Default-user Brandon Holliday
I'm looking forward to The Last of Us NCAA Football 14 (Fuck Madden) and also playing my back log of games. I got games I've bought several years ago and still haven't played yet
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