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P0014 ChickenFoot
Brok choy said:
Looks like it was MADE for the PS4. Not the PC.
BS it was made for the PC not the PS4. It will always be better on the PC
P0014 ChickenFoot
When they said soon they meant soon.
P0014 ChickenFoot
Sure it helps now but let's see how sales are in November, for either console.
P0014 ChickenFoot
So much effort on something most people don't even notice.
P0014 ChickenFoot
What the hell Sony? Get your shit together.
P0014 ChickenFoot
SimplySasquatch said:
These are the games they should make free
Like that would happen, ever.
P0014 ChickenFoot
They're just trying to keep the name. No new game:(
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