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Default-user CoalWhisperer
Hypnotic Perspective said:
That's right don't forget about us Rockstar.
They are really good at not forgetting
Default-user CoalWhisperer
commented on GTA 5 spotted for PS4 in reply to Rabbit
Rabbit said:
PC > PS4. Come on. There's a bigger community on there! What a crock of shit!
I know dude. PC is what this game should be on. Not the PS4.
Default-user CoalWhisperer
MMAWE said:
They don't want gamers without girlfriends to be focused on how alone they are. What nice devs.
But then the devs get to hang out and deal with bugs. I don't think it's win win.
Default-user CoalWhisperer
My excitement for this game fades in and out but right now I'm pretty excited for it.
Default-user CoalWhisperer
I think anyone that owns the console and has good internet should look into PS Plus. It's so worth it with all of the games you get.
Default-user CoalWhisperer
I really want to hear about this game. There's been so much hearsay that I need to know the truth.
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