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this is another article by another M$ paid off idiot ...simple fact xbox could of kept all features without DRM ...but they are to interested in...
@diggs Fuck u man Im getting sick of everyone talking shit about the xbox one n microsoft. Just shut the fuck up about it. Btw yes I am a Xbox fanboy n proud of it so go ahead and talk shit about me.
Default-user DeathDragon011412
You all need to just shut the fuck up. Who givesa fuck about the policy change and who who gives a fuck about both of the consoles specs. Im getting sick and tired of all this shit talk about both console and they arent even out yet. Like I said why dont u all just suck the fuck up quit talking shit about consoles that arent even out yet. Wait til the consoles actually come out and you all get hands on with them then is you want to talk shit about them go right ahead. Oh and I know alot of you are going to comment to this and call me stupid or retarded or whatever the hell you want to call me but I dont give a shit bring it on
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